9" pies with organic dough & organic tomato sauce

1. take it OR eat it (here)


original apizza 9” round (dine-in only)


folded apizza conveniently folded in half (dine-in or take-out)


2. choose acrust

organic wheat, organic sprouted wheat, OR gluten free (gf +$2.50)

3. pick apizza pie


margherita with mozzarella cheese $2.75

pepperoni with apizza cheese blend $4.99 double the pepperoni + $2.00

la royale with cheese (cheeseburger) ground beef, sharp mozzarella cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, cornichons, thousand island, sesame seeds $5.99 double the beef + $2.00

roasted seasonal veggie check out the board for what we’re baking up special this week $5.79


italian sausage mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers, parsley $5.99 double the sausage + $2.00

muffuletta mozzarella cheese, provolone cheese, pepperoni, ham, relish, red onion $6.49 double the meat + $2.00

bbq chicken apizza cheese blend, red onion, bbq sauce, cilantro $5.99 double the chicken + $2.00

aspecial check out the board for what we’re baking up special this week $aq



impossible burger $3

impossible sausage $3



+ fried onions $.75

+ potato stix $.75

+ poached egg on top (for here only) $3

+ cbd oil (coming soon!) $3.00




non-fat probiotic frozen yogurt

1. pick a base

non fat vanilla non fat chocolate non dairy vanilla

2. pick a swirl

achocolate crunchy chocolate chip cookie, chocolate sauce

my favorite heath bar, peanut butter

thinner mint chocolate chips, junior mints

guilty-ish nutella, oreo

all good strawberries

small $3.75 pint $8.75

+ crunchy chocolate chip cookie, whole or mixed in $.75

+ sprinkles $.25

+ all additional mix ins and toppings $.75



house made natural drinks

unsweetened fruit puree + sparkling or still water

strawberry blood orange meyer lemon blackberry green apple

bring your own cup $1.95 single use cup $2.25*

*let’s reduce our reliance on single use cups. bring your own and pay less!

coke & diet coke $2.25